QasarBeach V1.19 released

This is the latest update to QasarBeach. focussing on user feedback plus some new changes and additions such as time signatures, FX, internal sound recording, etc.

There is no help file for the new features this will appear slightly later.

Here is the full list of changes:

ver 1.19 update (6 February 2020)

Here is a list of all new features, fixes, etc.

  • minor optimization to audio out
  • initial work on FX
  • PAGE 1 index being reformatted to allow for more menu options
  • initial PAGE T: FX BUS
  • base FX1 Reverb/delay and FX2 Echo complete
  • fx1/2 sends added to PAGE 7 Controls. tested and fuly operational
  • increased buffer fill speed for faster systems
  • Disks option added to PAGE 2 to allow for openeing of external drives
  • removal of oberon ui core
  • CTRL+Q now quits app
  • reclaiming unused character from the font
  • drag and drop of files now supported
  • drag a voice file and it will overwrite the current voice
  • small modification to voice loading to prevent cut outs
  • initial coding for time signatures in PAGE R
  • PAGE R note graphics being extended to cover all notes
  • PAGE R note duration of 96 can now be entered
  • PAGE R internal graphics being reformatted
  • PAGE R note off being added
  • PAGE R note quantize being extended
  • PAGE R note off now functional
  • PAGE R quantize lengths now shown correctly with new note lengths
  • PAGE R NOTE_ONOFF now plays correctly
  • PAGE R internal track expansion complete
  • PAGE R basic time signature code started
  • PAGE R pattern display rewritten to handle new time signatures
  • PAGE R removed ^ from bottom of bar as playhead makes it not needed
  • PAGE R bar removed
  • PAGE R bpm moved right slightly
  • PAGE R bar LENGTH added
  • PAGE R 8 voice view completed
  • PAGE R 16 voice view completed
  • fx Page now has label selection of effects
  • .co now at v4 with new fx support
  • .in now at v1 with new fx support
  • .rs now at v1.10 with new fx support and variable time signatures
  • playhead modifications to keep quantize positions in record
  • PAGE D now shows current active segment in all displays
  • PAGE D segments are better highlighted
  • PAGE T Master Root note implemented. this allows for different toots +- an octave
  • fx page master tuning now has control over which voice to tune!
  • crt tv output shader added
  • PAGE S tv output option now added and operational
  • tv output settings saved correctly
  • nasty function draw error fixed that caused glitches
  • voice loading fixed when using functions that caused glitches - these have been removed on loading
  • instrument loading fixed when using functions that caused glitches - these have been removed on loading
  • voice control loading fixed when using functions that caused glitches - these have been removed on loading
  • PAGE P now displays voice names
  • PAGE 7 lfo1, lfo2, etc are now valid entries in the command line
  • 32bit uncompressed .wav files now supported
  • PAGE R pattern markers update correctly and work correctly with quantize
  • PAGE R FILL now respects time signatures and quantize
  • PAGE R load and save of pattern time/signatures checked
  • PAGE A (re)sampling page started
  • index items moved to make room for new entries
  • Original Fairlight logo now animates!
  • initial PAGE A finished


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Feb 06, 2020

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