QasarBeach 1.25 release

Ver 1.25 is such a large release with many fixes and additions:

Ver 1.25 Update (28 June 2020)

  • PAGE S changing window sizes now shows title bar
  • PAGE 2 fatal crash with missing .in files fixed
  • PAGE E MIX command removed MI version
  • PAGE E MIX command now operational
  • PAGE E view current (playhead) segment added
  • PAGE F improved the function display
  • PAGE F fixed end of function bug that could return 0 instead of correct position 
  • PAGE 7 MODE moved into the top bar
  • PAGE T new 'Pure fx' added
  • PAGE T FX now have banks
  • PAGE 3 added CMI CONVERT. this will take a sample and make it 16k. Which can be used with the ANALYSE command
  • PAGE 4 ANALYSE help text minor change to add CMI 16k
  • PAGE D now animates (draws waveforms) to screen 'internal loading routines now return success or not
  • PAGE 2 now tells you if the file was loaded OK
  • Minor audio activation tweaking to prevent audio stopping
  • PAGE 3 REVERSE added - this will reverse the entire sample
  • REV added to commands. with no parameters it reverses the entire sample as in the manual
  • internal language port and recreation in preparation for threading
  • initial move from event to threading to tackle timing
  • PAGE 2 Info line now shows if a file has been properly loaded or not
  • PAGE S logo images updated to match new animated logos
  • PAGE I animated QasarBeach logo added and operational
  • PAGE R initial metronome code 
  • PAGE R metron added to UI (metronome) 
  • PAGE R when in record mode,  a new (empty) pattern will be automatically created for you
  • PAGE R SONG section play incorrect position fix 
  • PAGE R PATTERN SHIFT+< SHIFT+> incorrectly triggered note off
  • PAGE R 'S PLAY' added to UI so you can replicate the IIx play operation of playing the song instead of the pattern
  • PAGE A initial external sampling routines being worked on
  • PAGE A 'EXTERNAL" added to input source UI
  • PAGE A 'External input now shown as live input into left/right input faders
  • PAGE R dur now goes up to 99 (it was 96). 96 is the 4:4 time base, giving ability to stretch over a 4:4 bar
  • internal microphone overload timing crash prevention being added
  • PAGE R song play (when referencing sections)  pattern correction when first started
  • PAGE A SYNC only appears when using internal sound source 
  • PAGE R song. clicking the section will now enter the command
  • PAGE R song. click an empty section and the command line will automatically fill with the pattern entry command
  • PAGE R - tip - add empty patterns to a section. goto pattern, metron = on, record = on, S PLAY. you can now record as the section plays!
  • PAGE R song. clicking the song block will now enter the command
  • PAGE R song. click an empty song block and the command line will automatically fill with the block entry command
  • when song is playing garbage collection is now turned off
  • Added internal sound sampling protection 
  • PAGE 2 some loading bars added - they might not appear though 
  • PAGE 2 added some trapping for PPG t000.wav library files to prevent them from loading as wavetables
  • PAGE 3 REDUCE memory protection added
  • PAGE D end segment now displays correctly
  • PAGE E start/end/curr segment buttons only appear if sample is 16k
  • PAGE A gcSuspend() added 
  • revert back to previous language as Windows HATES the new one
  • Faders are now 'Live' and will repond to keeping the mouse button pressed. E.G. you can draw on PAGE 5 'PAGE D added faux rotation to 3d view
  • PAGE A external record time halved 
  • Potential memory error being looked at
  • PAGE A Corrected Hertz
  • PAGE 2 ctrl+return, shift+return, ctrl+up, shift+up will goto the previous folder (..)
  • PAGE 3 potential REDUCE crash fix
  • PAGE R voice ZERO now stops any playing voice
  • PAGE S fullscreen removed in macos ctrl+cmd+f or just use maximize icon in window
  • PAGE R voice ZERO leaves ghost data fixed
  • PAGE R hidden voices not recording properly - fixed
  • PAGE R quantize of recoring notes fixed
  • PAGE 7 additional FINE added to MODE 5 subvoice display, allowing for fine srting of a sample 
  • Internal subvoiceFine data being added to core
  • PAGE R metronome fixed for other timing than 4:4
  • PAGE R note velocity 110 not shown fixed
  • PAGE D start segment will now move with the playhead if 32 or 64 end segments are picked
  • PAGE E repeated cut causes crash - fixed
  • PAGE E repeated trim causes crash - fixed 
  • paste waveform crash - fixed
  • internal sample buffer protection added
  • added f argument. When run with f added to the filename it will start fullscreen
  • PAGE E normalize has new code
  • MODE 4 single shot loop (from segments 1 to 128) caused glitch/pop - fixed
  • PAGE 3 compressed center text options 
  • PAGE 3 added QUAD COMBINE to options
  • PAGE 7 MODE 6 added to UI 
  • Further internal crash protection found and added 
  • internal preparation for mode 6
  • Ctrl+U / Ctrl+Z = waveform UNDO
  • First version of Mode 6 mono and stereo base tested :)
  • PAGE S added qasarbeach f help text
  • PAGE S added German Keyboard z is y option
  • internal systems now respond to german keyboard including settings 
  • PAGE 7 added live segment display to mode 6

QasarBeach is feature complete, but not completely documented. It is also being actively developed.

A HUGE thank you to all the testers and commenters. with you bug lists, wish lists and more :)


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Jun 28, 2020

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