QasarBeach 1.33 released

After some small setback the 1.33 release is here with both windows and extended macos support - let me know if there are issues with versions not loading. please tell me which os version and what the problem is :)

And here is the update list:

  •  updated for windows and mac with better compatibility
  •  new small code footprint
  •  internal compiler updates
  •  support for godot RSRC 16bit stereo .wav format added
  • Page 2 - fixed fatal crash when using left button
  • PAGE 2 - save 'AS:' corrected on screen position
  • PAGE 2 - 32bi wav import - corrected vlume to prevent clicking
  •  internal removal of debug info
  • PAGE R - file now shows opened rs or sy filename
  •  internal when rs and sy saved the internal filename is updated
  •  PAGE 2 - xxxxxx file name will be automatically filled in with .rs or .sy loaded filename
  •  MACOS internal compiler changes to allow 10.9 as minimum system (similar to V1.25)
  •  PAGE 7 - fixed fatal crash is KEYPAN linked to VOICE REF#
  •  PAGE 7 - voice ref bug fix
  •  PAGE 7 - voice ref bug fix
  •  lowered refresh rate
  •  PAGE 2 - further checks for null voices that report as voice numbers - fixed
  •  re-enabled garbage collection to prevent memory munching...

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Oct 23, 2021

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