V1.23 released

This is the next update with focus on Page E, and IIx file loading

Ver 1.23 Update (23 May 2020)

  • note velocity KEYVEL now received from MIDI
  • PAGE R now respects incomming MIDI velocity and sets the vol/keyvol for the note
  • minor mod to .wav wavetable loading
  • added lfo and subvoice support to new numpad editing
  • Extended numpad keys+enter now supported
  • fixed loading of .in fies where loops sounded wrong on import
  • PAGE 7 - added 'SAVE IN VC' to top table
  • PAGE E - REFLECT moved from left ot right side
  • PAGE E - Added SET LOOP to right side
  • PAGE E - Added AUTO XF to left side
  • PAGE E - Added X FADE to right side
  • PAGE E - visual of loop and xfade added to waveform view as in documentation
  • PAGE E - SET LOOP operational
  • PAGE E - XFADE operational
  • PAGE E - added VIEW: START END to top UI
  • PAGE E - when clicked and held down with mouse the start or end segment is displayed. This allows you to check the exact contents and is  great for merge and cutting :)
  • new midi with updated linux and pi core
  • peliminary IIx .RS loading added
  • preliminary ios .RS loading added
  • initial IIx .IN loading added
  • PAGE 2 Loaded IIx .IN will report missing voices - these need to be in the same folder as the .IN
  • PAGE 2 missing .IN files now remain visible when changing to other folders
  • PAGE 2 can detect missing .VC files in new folder when .IN has missing files
  • PAGE 2 missing .IN files can now be 'ignored' IGNORE FILES added to UI
  • PAGE 2 RELOAD added to UI for use with missing .IN files
  • PAGE 2 Reloading of missing files now operational
  • PAGE 7 Names of loaded 1234.co files are now displayed in header
  • PAGE 2 better display of loaded/available voices
  • PAGE 2 IIx .CO loading added
  • PAGE 7 original IIx DAMPING in .VC and .CO files now rerouted to DAMPING
  • CHO (formally RELEASE ECHO)
  • PAGE 7 voice RESET help text corrected


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May 23, 2020
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May 23, 2020
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May 23, 2020

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