QasarBeach 1.27 released

Here is the latest info on QasarBeach the Fairlight IIx emulator

Ver 1.27 Update(4 September 2020)

This is a much smaller update with the focus on tidying things up and making things work more like the IIx did. So you wont find anything really new, just updates and fixes. You will also find this is an official release and not a soft launch.

  • PAGE 2 if sound is playing and another page is selected is is swithched off
  • PAGE E end segment not being visually shown - fixed
  • PAGE 1 minor fix to short index entries
  • PAGE 2 minor fix to short 'disk' entries
  • PAGE R new pattern/note selection code
  • PAGE R DELETE now removes a note if clicked if on
  • PAGE R 16 view pan and volume now correctly update
  • PAGE 2 disk text font is smaller and properly clips not messing up load/save text
  • PAGE R last played/pressed note is remembered and used for FILL - this is the same as IIx was
  • PAGE R better note on tracking to prevent audio engine stalling
  • output mixer is reset on startup
  • PAGE R strange 'time being reset' when in record fixed
  • PAGE R keyboard registering fake notes when using arrow keys fixed?
  • PAGE W added sample size
  • PAGE 2 removed IIx from save options - code not complete
  • added thread exit protection
  • PAGE R added 'GOTO'. this is the same behaviour as 'insert'used ot have
  •  GOTO will go to the clicked pattern position
  •  INSERT will now insert the last note at the clicked pattern position
  •  DELETE will remove the note as the clicked pattern position
  • PAGE O bottom voices now show current active voice
  • PAGE O bottom voices are now click/selectable

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Oct 04, 2020

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