QasarBeach updated to Ver1.21

In keeping with consistent updates. V1.21 is now available focussing on more improvments and bug fixing, plus additional .bin loading for drum ROMs and corrected PPG .usr files.

The famous Analyze command is now added allowing you to scan and create haramonics from samples. They must be the old 16k variety, it's not perfect but a great place to start creating sound and sound manipulation.

  • initial reworking of timing system
  • PAGE 5 fixed bug with fader 30 that moved fader 20!!!
  • Drumulator .bin 8bit file support added
  • Oberheim DX / DMX Drummatix .bin 8bit rom support added
  • Linn LM1 / LM2 / 9000 .bin 8bit rom support added
  • S.C.I. Drumtraks .bin 8bit rom support added
  • Simmons SDS-1 / SDS-9 .bin 8bit rom support added
  • unusual .wav crash protection added
  • analyze added - it's not perfect,  but it's fun and gives a good starting point for sound creation
  • PAGE 4 Analyze all added
  • PAGE 5 Analyze added
  • PAGE R corrected mouse click on pattern that wasn't snapping to quantize settings
  • PAGE 2 sample size shown first in k then bytes
  • PAGE 2 bit size now correctly shows input bit count
  • Doublcheckhing 8 bit wav loading
  • PAGE 3 sample redce added to bottom of page. This will half the sample size,  reduce fidelity and double the speed
  • PAGE 8 corrected top right voice display
  • PPG .usr wavetable import modified so the tables conform to Fairlight Mode 2. PPG has 64 wavetables so only the first 64 SEGMENTS are used
  • modified NoteOn to take account of MODE 5 settings (internal stuff)

Added to this is the complete list of sample formats that QasarBeach supports:

Full file support for Fairlight Series I, II, IIx, III samples,  including all loop points, filter settings, etc. You just need to have the ORIGINAL files in .VC format.

plus you get the following  formats as pure samples, so editing may be needed, but it gives you the power to access virtually all famous sample libraries from Emu, Yamaha, Korg and more:

  • .wav / .aif .ogg / .sam
  • .afs - casio cz1 sample
  • .ksf -korg-sample-file oasis .msmpl_bank -korg microsampler bank .p3k - korg
  • .usr - ppg .ufs - ppg
  • .xoe, .x0v .x0a .x0s .x0w .x3v .x3a .x3s .x3w - yamaha motif .t01 .t02 .t03 .t04 .t05 - yamaha
  • .krz .kr1 .kr2 .kr3 .kr4 .kr5 .kr6 -kerzweil
  • .sf2 -soundfont2
  • .akai .img - akai img
  • .256 -amiga 8bit single waveforms .xi -amiga fasttracker 2 .8svx .16sv .iff - amiga 8 bit / 16bit
  • .em2 .eb2 .ez2 .e4b -emulator emax 2 library .ebl -emulator x .dms -emu2 .eii -emu2 .em1 .eb1 -emulator 1   .iso -emulator iso
  • .out .s50 .w30 -roland s50
  • .bin - 8 bit binary files used by LINN and EMU for drum machine ROM

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Does QasarBeach support MCL?

Not yet - I'm looking into this ;)