QasarBeach 1.29g released

Launched 1 year ago the 1.29g is the biggest update. which focusses on much better IIx import of voices, songs and instruments. Better III multisample .vc support. III style button bar and lots of UI improvements throughout. A new internal song system that matches the IIx, plus individual output mixing. New Midi keyboard allocation with PAGE 3, and soo much more...

QasarBeach has also gained features that were planned for the IIx but not implemented (at the time) - many thanks for help and input from the original engineers and friends!

Here's a festive new video of QasarBeach in action - captured with no overdubs, effects - just QB doing what QB does best ;)

And for some live playing

Here is the full fix list - this is a long one as we've been hard at it...

Ver1.29g Update (23 December 2020)

  • reading IIx .RS, tempo now correctly set
  • Reading IIx .RS, song block repeat now correctly set
  • Reading IIx .RS, note data being correctly read in
  • Reading IIx .RS, velocity data being correctly read in
  • PAGE R used patterns display was off by 1 - fixed
  • internal audio data is now extended to support IIx imports better
  • Reading IIx .VC with embedded .CO data better reading compatibility
  • Reading IIx .IN will also load embedded .CO from linked .VC
  • PAGE R - song,  when over sections the mouse wheel will move up/down
  • PAGE 2 IIx mode1 dur and vol now being read correctly
  • PAGE 2 IIx mode1 being read from loaded .in correctly
  • PAGE 3 correctly draws nphony data (not hides it)
  • harmonic profiles are now per voice not global
  • PAGE 4 SMO and ROU additions removed as they were destructive
  • IIx mode1 harmonics now loaded - caveat loaded mode 1 harmonic faders may NOT match. Where they do, they produce the same sound - more or less
  • Harmonic faders correctly saved and loaded with QB .vc
  • increased internal harmonic compute to better match IIx MODE1
  • PAGE 2 IIx MODE1 faders being correctly read with .in load
  • PAGE R - Song section and block playback currently removed for recoding
  • PAGE 2 ios app .vcx basic support added - trim and loop data not being read - you will need to edit them
  • PAGE 2 ios app .in basic .vcx loading support added. It will not automatically load long filenames!
  • PAGE 7 Removed automatic ctrl and switch functions. new IIx import can be tagged to ctrls with volume
  • PAGE 7 Ctrls and Switches (Shown bottom right UI) can be controlled by hovering over them and using the mouse wheel
  • PAGE F Ctrls can be controlled by hovering and using the mouse wheel
  • PAGE R - song SBP added. song block position
  • PAGE R clicking song block '-' does NOT alster the song position
  • PAGE R Completely new internal song structure code being developed to bring in line with IIx and future plans
  • PAGE R - song. better keyboard arrow keys allowing movement from song block to section and better movement left/right :)
  • PAGE R - song. Pressing 'enter' will activate the commandline with the corresponding section input command (same as clicking with the mouse)
  • PAGE R - pattern. playhead moves to EXACT (quantized) position when clicked in pattern
  • PAGE R - pattern. pattern now has live quantized cursor
  • PAGE R - pattern. bottom info now gives note data under the cursor
  • PAGE R - pattern. when clicking a note, it will now play and stop when mouse is released \o/
  • PAGE F fatal crash fix if clicked to far on the right
  • IIx .RS import minor correction to prevent repeats over 127
  • PAGE R - song. bottom right song/position block now shows correct information
  • PAGE R - song/section playback starts at position 0 in the pattern
  • PAGE R - song. Both block and section now have a visual frame that shows the current cursor position
  • PAGE R - song. Reverse rect to show the starting position for song or section play 'modified icon to bring into line with BigSur
  • 'PAGE R - pattern. adding stop note now works at current cursor playhead
  • PAGE R - pattern. using delete/backspace at cursor will now remove note off (hat)
  • Infoline (at bottom) now shows the current note being entered via keyboard or midi
  • internal Fairlight III .vc preliminary support for keymaps added
  • PAGE 2 now shows mode 5 subvoice count with Series III samples
  • PAGE 2 now imports III multisample keymaps
  • PAGE 2 now auto creates multisample subvoices (MODE 5)
  • internal octave range extended by 2 giving full 9 octaves to play with
  • PAGE 7 - MODE 5 subvoice view. piano output now has options to change shown start octave
  • PAGE 2 - 'FINE' start modifications for multisamples added
  • PAGE 7 - mutilsample info text tidied up
  • PAGE 2 - added mode 1 vol table reset
  • windows recompile to clear up some issues
  • fix to volume 'OVERLOAD'
  • PAGE W shows playhead in most playback MODES :)
  • debug PAGE Z added (shift+1) - this shows midi devices and midi settings fr debug purposes
  • potential MIDI forgets fix
  • PAGE 7 - Removed Delay, delay in, delay out
  • further midi tweaks
  • PAGE 7 - MODE 5 multiview now shows which multipart is active (similar to Series III)
  • III multisample loading shortenslength of each sample by 1 segment to prevent end/start overruns
  • Extended internal page size to accommodate III style buttons
  • Series III style buttons being added to UI
  • PAGE P becomes PAGE V
  • initial page buttons integrated
  • PAGE K - keyboard,  is now merged into PAGE S settings
  • PAGE 2 - now has button bar
  • PAGE S - there is now an option for hiding the button bar
  • button bar now has function keys as keyboard controls
  • "V-" command added - will goto the previous voice
  • "V+" or "V=" command added - will goto the next voice
  • bug fixes to loaded .sy files
  • additional commands added to allow new buttons
  • PAGE R -song REW goes to the start of a section
  • shift + function keys now operational
  • PAGE R - song,  buttons now added
  • PAGE R - Pattern,  buttons added
  • PAGE F - additional button controls added
  • QB no longer 'forgets' screen/size/position settings when updated
  • decreased thread pause - maybe it will help reording?
  • PAGE 7 adding LFO mid support <- vibrato can be set up by using this with LFO1 LEVEL
  • internal support for LFO mid complete
  • PAGE 7 added LFO LEVEL. this controls how strong the LFO is. it goes to the LFO MID when at 1. normal LFO at 128
  •  patch with a function to pitchbend for vibrato
  • Internal loading and saving updates to add the new LFO functions
  • Added more keyboard up note cutoff protection
  • PAGE 3 - repeated clicking will toggle between nphony and keyboard sub pages
  • PAGE 3 - keyboard allocation page created (MIDI mapping) - similar to how the III does it
  • button bar. when P pages is pressed,  you can select all buttons even if the keyboard is set for music :)
  • PAGE R - current voice now always shows the reverse quantize steps (previously it only showed when recording) - this is the same as the IIx
  • PAGE E - adding ZOOM to ui and buttons
  • PAGE E - ability to zoom into and view highlighted segments added
  • PAGE 4 - fixed fatal bug when drawing harmonics
  • PAGE E - zoomed in editing/selection operational
  • 'PAGE E - when zoomed and edited,  view returns to normal (unzoomed)
  • MODE 1 - fixed volume pulsing at end loop (segment 32)
  • PAGE 2 - repeated pressing of 2 will swap between load and save pages
  • PAGE R - pattern note deletion crash fix
  • PAGE R - pattern - Mute information is now saved and loaded
  • PAGE R - song being correctly reset on loading new song
  • PAGE S - auto normalization on load added
  • PAGE 2 - loaded sound are automatically normalized (if enabled in settings)
  • PAGE E - added XFade button
  • PAGE E - connected up all butons correctly
  • PAGE R - new internals for fader linking (page o) being added
  • PAGE R - song better copy paste insert functions
  • PAGE R - song tighter keyboard paste at logical positions

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