QasarBeach V1.18 released

To coincide with NAMM 2020. QasarBeach has been updated to V1.18.

This gives a lot better importing of Series II and III Fairlight files, plus a host of new things and fixes.

There is also a new 'Cookbook' which details how to get the best out of QasarBeach, and gives detailed instructions on how to replicate sounds, and songs from famous people.

Here is the change list for V1.18 Update (Jan 17 2020 NAMM edition)

- fixed command "nc" that wasn't being reccognised -fixed minor Series III voice load that prevented voices with functions being loaded - only one found! -Series IIx .VC voice loading now respects filter, and loops -internal std/audiodata framework extended with loop control -IIx loop points are now played in PAGE 2 -IIx MODE1 is played in PAGE 2 (durations not yet loaded) -IIx Filter settings now loaded in PAGE 2 -IIx Filter, Loop, and Mode now imported with correct IIx .vc -added fullscreen option to settings -initial IIx .co file reading in place files will load to the current voice or to a number of voices picked by the load page voice boxes -original fairlight II/IIx .co files can now be loaded -PAGE 8 Nphony added clamp to stop saturated volume from showing in the horizontal volume fader -added null voice playback crash protection -ECHO LOOP control added to PAGE 7 -ECHO LOOP control looping back when ECHO DELAY has been set -ECHO LOOP added to control file loading and saving -fixed fatal Series III voice load (where voices with functions crashed) -ECHO LOOP inital operation activated -Initial PAGE 7 expansion (making room for another line of data) started -PAGE 7 MOVE ACTIVE added. this activates LOOP MOVE -PAGE 7 LOOP MOVE added. This will make the loop start and loop end move together -When activating MOVE ACTIVE, LOOP MOVE will become the value of LOOP START -Inital internal changes for multisamples from segment to position -internal loading/saving of controls changed the V4 to support new multisamples -internal subvoice start end segments converted from ubyte to floats and checked -III multisample loading now corrected - doesn't have glitch at start of voices -internal III subvoice loading data simplified -new .in loading routines -V0 .in loading complete -V1 .in loading complete -V2/V3 .in loading complete loads and saves correctly - keeping track of different versions of .co structures -PAGE 7 ECHO LOOP now operates with MODE 5 multisample voices -fixed very tiny but major fault in the .vc loading routine,  that caused a segment slippage giving wrong segemnt lengths - and thus clicks -correction to triangle wave draw PAGE 6 -improvments to MODE 2 playback to prevent click - now has smooth wavetable scanning -PAGE P fatal crash when playing MODE 2 voice fixed -PAGE D MODE 2 voice now shows correct playing segment -PAGE 2 additional loading protection,  to prevent crash if voice is null

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Jan 17, 2020
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Jan 17, 2020

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