A downloadable 3D RPG Adventure for Windows and macOS

V1.01 Created in 3 days for 7DRL.

Dare you explore BloodCrypt?

What dangers might befall you, what treasures you will find.

What monsters just might claw you, and feast, and crunch, and dine!

All assets, images, 3d models, 3d engine created by me! There is no Unity or Unreal - it is a custom OpenGL engine.

Ver 1.04

  • if a monster can be attacked cursor glows red
    corrected knight eye view
  • basic food added. some food has random chance of being nasty. food is static,  when it's there. it's always there
  • clicking monsters now display health and attack levels
  • monsters now display health and attack points above them when clicked and attacked
  • new movement and attacking system for monsters
  • red square to attack text added to menu
  • attacking monsters has a 30% chance of the monster getting an attack in first
  • monsters now drop 1..4 gold when killed
  • more map locations to discover
  • top indicator now shows both health (now green) and attack (silver)
  • max health extended to 8 (previouly was 4)
  • bestiary now includes gribbmax: a more bigger, badder gribble
  • monsters now act in groups

Ver 1.03

  • Vegetation now animates
  • Flickering lights toned down
  • Books added
  • New 3d models added
  • New map decor
  • Map changes - crypt tree added
  • Clicking knight displays information and raises and lowers
  • Clicking a monster gives you some information
  • Knight now faces proper direction
  • New 'inhabit' mode, where you get the view from the knight - activate from new icon at top
  • Bugfixes
  • Direction arrows added when there is new ground at edges of tiles


  • Now with gettable gold and monsters.
  • Gate torch colors are now red.
  • Bug fixes.

Ver 1.01

This has no sound and no monsters, just the procedural exploration (I ran out of time... Ahhh)

Later versions will have monsters and more...

Install instructions

just download and install for both MacOS and Windows


BloodCrypt.app.zip 9 MB
BloodCryptWin.zip 11 MB

Development log


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i hope you dont mind! i will be streaming your game on my youtube channel and my site will be writing an article about the game aswell. we have a developer spotlight so people can see new and upcoming games that are under the raider. so far im really digging this game. i want more people to know about it. ill include a link to this page so more people can grab the demo

No problem :). Let me know if there are any suggestions or help you might want. Be great to see it featured.

I'm liking the feel of this game quite a bit! I have a few recommendations for the current version:
- Lights flicker far too much
- tapping where to click is okay, would rather use keys on the computer though
- If I do click to move . . . I'd like to click more than just 1 block away . . . At least 5

No problem. I'll work on those suggestions.

New Ver1.03 tones down the flickering for you :)