Ver 1.05 now available

Here is a list of Ver 1.05 changes

  • menu buttons now use game font
  • Keys A/D now rotate view
  • UI graphics slightly altered
  • smooth camera motion now added
  • blood hits screen when monsters attack you
  • Top Left UI now shows bones when a monster is killed
  • New Monster: Skeleton. appears after 6+ bones!
  • general output light is now brighter LightGrey instead of Grey
  • lighting brightened and toned down
  • Key i now activates inhabit mode
  • Key o now activates overhead mode
  • Escape Key goes back to menu
  • inhabit mode tidied up a bit
  • bone graphics modified
  • monster info shortened
  • rotate buttons added to bottom right of screen
  • new icon graphics fitting with style
  • monster movement tweaked
  • gribmax has 30% chance of giving you health when killed
  • new trapdoor animation and models making things much easier to see
  • new tree models and tree textures
  • new inhabit icons at bottom right giving movement and fight
  • new rotate icons at bottom right
  • new keyboard controls for inhabit arrows, qweasd.
  • bugfixes to new tile routines
  • corrected inhabit to an from normal errors
  • level jump codes added
  • some food has higher probabilty of being poisoned
  • crates, barrels, rocks, plant, cross  added
  • new tiles added
  • tile colors modified
  • sound trap and get-to internal tile triggers added
  • dressings now have a height value
  • new menu graphics
  • trapdoors now open when the key is collected
  • pink knight now moves properly
  • monsters now move properly
  • monsters now display blood scratches when hit
  • 4th fluid shader added
  • New Map view added with icon and keyboard M to activate

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Mar 25, 2018

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