Big 1.06 update with lots of new content

Brand new version (1.06) with new levels, monsters and an overall task: Get Moms Amulet from the Bone King!

Ver 1.06 Todo


magic books

proper end section with note from Mom

Ver 1.06 changes

  • bed, bedding, coffin, wood, coffin-open, shelf, bones, cup, plate, magnifying glass,  models added
  • hovering over a monster brings up a magnifying glass
  • main menu alterations
  • new logo integrated into menu and map view
  • objects now activated. gold,  food,  etc can be properly dealt with,  picked up etc.
  • display speeded up with new object managment system
  • monster(3d) and ui(2d) graphics seperated
  • inhabit mode now shows axe and axe movement when attacking
  • initial magnify info panel added
  • monsters now have automatic info panel
  • things have automatic info panel - key, coins, food
  • new menu graphics with new logo
  • new tickbox graphics
  • infopanel  tickbox activated by mouse click or S or DownArrow (when highlighted)
  • when info panel is not shown - clicking when the magnifying glass is shown will give help text
  • null added to dressing
  • lightFX now has second grid added for more things
  • nulllight added to lightFX
  • initial work on getting hidden tiles to function correctly - sometimes they don't drop right
  • fixed nasty bug which prevented movement from one tile to another
  • monsters now spawn more regularly
  • monsters can't spawn on top of other monsters
  • initial trigger systems activated for some lighting
  • fire and big fire now cause damage if walked over
  • minor graphic glitch with direction arrow sorted
  • lots of testing :)
  • layout editor click on map moves to position
  • scrolls can now be picked up from off the floor by click next to them
  • books are now things - they can be picked up
  • fruit, cheese, ham can now be on things
  • monsters spawn more randomly - before they would always spawn. now they have a 0% chance of spawning
  • monsters will hit back when attacked
  • things can be picked up in front of you in inhabit mode
  • minor menu graphics tidy up
  • normal and inhabit movement now synchronised correctly
  • inhabit now has vertical 'breathing' added
  • internal tile data format changed to support multiple card decks
  • editor - now supports multiple card decks
  • initial level 3 sewer layout done
  • tracker sequence sound reset sorted
  • when escape (exit to menu) pressed map will also vanish if visible
  • map now renders fluid
  • map now shows correct details if been revealed - hidden parts are not shown
  • map now renders path
  • map now renders sewers correctly
  • dust particles launch when knight moves
  • gribmax has new graphics
  • gribmax now pops and spans dribbles
  • trapdoors now have popup info
  • modified main shader to darken things as they go up. this gives a better render effect for the lights
  • added some extra 3d position checking
  • scores now integrated
  • scores now saved
  • scores now shown in main menu
  • gold amount now linked direct to score
  • movement bug - where you couldn't move - initial code rework
  • transition from current floor to new floor code complete
  • gates now have closed mechanism
  • corrected internal floor jump systems
  • added floor up/down systems
  • you can now travel to different floors
  • corrected right bottom icon display issue
  • increased graphic fidelity
  • minor score table edit to prevent multiple identical scores
  • going up/down floors takes you out of inhabit mode
  • 2x2 steps added to items
  • 6 colored potions added to dressing
  • external map different carddeck support added
  • internal carddecks added to editor
  • spikes now operational along with hidden triggers
  • spikes added to main map - so you encounter them first
  • card decks now operational
  • initial blood sewer tiles complete
  • level not clearing bug (where completed level was still present) fixed
  • spike toggle when in inhabit mode corrected
  • enemy2 becomes a wurm
  • wurms added to the red sewer
  • enemy3 is a batusbat
  • bats added to red sewer
  • book icons added to GUI
  • tentacle added to monsters
  • fallOff map created for monsters to track movements
  • skeletons now track your movements and will always find you
  • optimized fallOff map - it only calculates 1 offset per frame. it means creatures further away might not move
  • additonal map tiles added so there is the opportunity to have a book at start - if found!
  • books now appear in gui. there are 6 kinds with one being random
  • each level now has a title and basic help text on what to do
  • 2d graphics are now crisp
  • levels start faded to dark grey when title shows then color and lights are added
  • potions now appear in the gui. there are 6 kinds
  • pink potion is BIG
  • red potion is heal/hurt
  • green potion is immune
  • when big - you cant go through archways
  • fixed mouse over blocked movement bug
  • titles now show when you jump to a new floor - basic help on what to do
  • implemented splash screen into core windows
  • yellow potion is strength
  • initial scroll UI set up
  • correction to internal bitmapfont controls to correct alpha blending
  • 5 helpful scrolls added to tutorial
  • more movement error checking added
  • quest buttons now start un-enabled
  • quest buttons now updated And saved/loaded correctly
  • available decks now 4 not 3
  • new monster wraith
  • new level ossuary
  • new mx2 logo added
  • corrected scores
  • added lots of coins
  • bone throne added
  • skeleton warriors added
  • ossuary starts with more bones!
  • corrected floor/level when saving/adding scores
  • skeleton king ole boney added!
  • new modified potion icons that actually show what the potion might do...

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