Ver 1.04 now available

Here are the new features/additions

  • if a monster can be attacked cursor glows red corrected knight eye view
  • basic food added. some food has random chance of being nasty. food is static,  when it's there. it's always there
  • clicking monsters now display health and attack levels
  • monsters now display health and attack points above them when clicked and attacked
  • new movement and attacking system for monsters
  • red square to attack text added to menu
  • attacking monsters has a 30% chance of the monster getting an attack in first
  • monsters now drop 1..4 gold when killed
  • more map locations to discover
  • top indicator now shows both health (now green) and attack (silver)
  • max health extended to 8 (previouly was 4)
  • bestiary now includes gribbmax: a more bigger, badder gribble
  • monsters now act in groups
  • BugFixes

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Mar 16, 2018

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