A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

Complete .png fontsprite editor.


- file tools moved to top of panels

- 2 new tools added for stroking around a character and filling

- views have got 3 background options Black, Grey and Purple. this allows you to see your characters on different backgrounds

- stability fixes

- FontSprite now remembers the size and position  of the window

V1.01 update: 28 Jan 2017

- cut/copy/paste characters. when pasting the current alpha is used.

- allows opening of image into the current font, from the current character

- when using brush (add color to existing) alpha is now used. this allow you to finely paint alpha colors onto existing pixels

- 90 degree rotation has been added

- onion skin animation added. When using onionskin, you can animate up to 6 consecutive frames. Basically the onion will be broken into horizontal segments and shown one after the other

- You can work on different characters whist the onionskin is working - even with animation

- working with alpha gives very subtle color variations allowing for very fine details

- hover help has been added. just hover over a control and help will be given. this gives much more information that help tips

- lots of default fonts in different sizes are included

- lots of different color palettes are now included


A Fontsprite is a 16x16 character grid, usually 256x256 pixels in size.

This is how the older 6bit and 16 bit computer referenced their fonts. Using this editor you can directly edit this sort of font with complete control over color and transparency.

Tools available include color editing, picking of colors, tiled and single character display as well as editing multiple characters.

If you have used pico-8 then you will be familiar with this concept.

The resulting files are saved as a png. with the title <your name>_font.png

help is dynamic and appears for any control your mouse is over.

A collection of included fontsprites can be found in the fonts folder

Both windows and osx versions are available

Install instructions

just download win or MacOS version and your ready to go


fontsprite102.app.zip 2 MB
FontSprite102Win.zip 5 MB


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Would recommend right-click to clear the color (or apply a background color including the black erase color)

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crashes when i closed/reopened and tried to reload the altered _font.png file i saved.

ok I loaded in an older font I had saved it and didn't crash, then i loaded in the newer font png I saved and it didnt crash.  Weird.

Would you consider a port of your editor for Linux..?


+1 for Linux


it's being looked at ;)

Cool..! :)

Sorry I don't work with android.

Android port XD?



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Would you consider making a version of this for Android?

Great tool, does exactly what it says it does.

let me know how you get on and what you've done with it ;)

wow :)