FontSprite V1.17 released

Stability and bug fix update.

Here is the list of changes:

V1.17 - Sep 2019

  • file favorits bin icon activated - it was deactivated before
  • on loading a file the settings are saved
  • alt keyboard tracking more acurate - stops 'pick' from lingering when not pressing alt
  • ctrl will also dismiss the popup menu
  • alt will dismiss the popup menu
  • new checks for save to make sure the file is really being saved
  • better tap detection on buttons with tablet
  • left/right/up/down will change the selected color in the current palette
  • left/right will cycle through the current color tag and none
  • up/down will change the selected tag up or down by one
  • corrected color tags select showing black tag

Files 4 MB
Sep 14, 2019 6 MB
Sep 14, 2019

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