New version V1.11

V1.11 has now been released.

The main features are detailed below:

  • Now supports ColorTagz loading and selection
  • drag and drop of .pal, .mx2palette, .mx2tagz color palettes now supported
  • colortagz now have mouse wheel scroll up/down facility
  • drag and drop of png files now supported
  • colortagz button added to palettes UI
  • palettes can be autoconverted into color tags by pressing the colortagz button
  • .pal (jasc palettes) folder added
  • .mx2tagz folder added
  • more minor bug fixes
  • added ability to load jasc .pal format palettes

The main feature is adding drag and drop and ColorTagz.

ColorTags are a variation of palettes. You can use them by clicking the new icon on the left of the palette title. the current palette will be converted into a colortag library. the UI will alter to show the color tags and you can select a tag by clicking and then click the color you want.

I've also included the ability to load JASC .pal palettes.

Ans also added folders containing .pal pallets and .mx2tagz for you to play around with :)

Let me know how you get on with these...


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Oct 09, 2018

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