Written for the SyntaxBomb Retro-Game fightout It is based on a Sinclair Spectrum with the option to use ZX-Spectrum graphics from glorious color clash to 16 amazing Sinclair colours and sound (from a single beep (48k), simple 3 voice (128k) or fully sampled (next)).

You play as Mortis: Overworked minion of Mr De'Ath.

There is a party planned and someone has nicked his 5 runes. Toddle off and find them  for him to really get the party started.

But wait.... it's not as simple as all that is it? Oh no, there's a time limit and a collection of clockwork fiends and demented dangers to prevent you from sipping Mojitos at the party!

Collect lost treasures, throw a few skulls and bash a few piñatas. And beware the Fabled Broom of Doom!

With an emulated chip-synth and custom written QasarBeach sound engine, you might just stay around for the sounds alone - why not stay forever?

Control is simple:

left/right/up/down and fire, all can be reconfigured to your own desires...

Fullscreen or windowed. 

MacOS, Windows and Linux versions available

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Mar 29, 2019
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Mar 29, 2019

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Looks really cool! But the Mac build doesn't seem to work right for me. Can hear audio but the screen stays black and nothing appears on-screen.

what MacOS are you using - can you see anything??

I'll work on a fix immediately

(1 edit)

I'm using 10.14.4. Also using an eGPU if that has any impact on how the video output works for it.

Brilliant. can confirm this is a 10.14.4 issue - just upgraded and I've got the same, so I'm working on a fix :)

Nice! Will be eagerly awaiting the update to give the game a try :D

Yep. It will be the V1.03 update that hopefully wiull have a fix. I know what the error is, I just have to figure out how to deal with it :)

Deleted 4 years ago

let me know how you get on - suggestions, etc :)