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At last, a game for those of us who thought Ultimate needed to be a touch more Mexican! This is far too good to be free!

Just one thing: what do the bonus items and fruits actually *do*?


Brilliant that you are enjoying it :)

the fruits add more time to the counter

the bigger bonus items add lots of time or health

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oooh, thanks for that one :)

This is awesome! It takes me back to the ol' days of Rare. I loved Knightlore so this is a treat. :)

excellent. Really glad you liked it :)

Hey this looks fantastic! Haven't played it yet, but I will be this evening.  I'm doing a similar game called Melkhiors Mansion which is an isometric version of Atic Atac, also using the Speccy palette.  Sod the Unreal Engine, Speccy palette is where it's at.  Can't wait to play Viva Mortis :o)

Thanks a lot. I will be very interested in your thoughts :)

Atic Atac was one of the concepts behind Viva Mortis - but with a twist...

I'm up for any chats about the system I used as well

Wow, that was a treat for the senses!  Only had time for a quick play.  You've crammed a lot of stuff in there.  Love the graphics and sound options.  Must try and find time to have a proper play.  Those stairs and trapdoor effects look very familiar ;o)

I would be lying if I said the concept was all mine! But it was a very quick turn-around from start to finish (5 weeks from start to finish). I was pleased when the sound all came together as that was a lot of work writing all the new sound system.

5 weeks?!? That's an amazing turnaround time. I get to tinker with my game for an hour a day if I'm lucky, so it's dragging on a bit :o)

I've got a tool-chain fo sorts here, so I can switch things up quickly. spritefont in one tool, maps in another. Everything linked. It's just the code logic that needs the real work, plus the ideas. Didn't you used to used Blitz a while back?

hello. great. could you reveal what you wrote or what editor you used?

No problem.

It's written in a custom version of Monkey2 (called MX2). This is a version of BASIC.

The audio is a custom written system called QasarBeach, which provides all audio, synth  and sequencer functions. In essence it is configured as a 16 voice synth with samples, wavetables, modulation etc. QasarBeach has full sequencing features, so it was a case of getting the right sounds (single sound for 48k, 3 sounds + noise for 128k, and 8 sounds for Next) These all reside together and depending on the spectrum type, sounds are muted and not played.

The graphics were done in FontSprite using a ZX-Spectrum palette. This gives 256 ''characters' to play with. There are multiple fonts being used with the general character size being 16x16 pixels.

The map is created in FontMap. And uses multiple layers to create the map and item locations. There are read in and partly randomised so that each game has different locations for items.

Absolutely fantastic game! I love everything about it; the sounds, the music, the graphics, the Ultimate-ness of it :D Great job!

Thanks for that. Glad you're enjoying it :)

Great game.  Playing it on Windows.  However I cannot get it running on Linux.  Which version of Linux is it built for.  Wanted to get it running on my Pi 3.

its compiled on linux mint - you will need sdl and openal and opengl installed.

A Pi build would be great, but it need very special compiling, so at the moment not possible  - but it is a thought :)

Thanks for the reply.  I have peppermint on my dev laptop so I'll give it a go on that.  Makes it a bit more portable :-).  Would love a pi version :-)

Love it! Wish there were more piñatas in the world to hit :')


Thanks for that - it took a while but I got there in the end. Let me know how you get on and any comments you've got :)

Spectrum Feelings!!! Congratulations!