A downloadable retro for Windows and macOS

Written to conform to 320x200 pixels and ONLY 16 colors.

SyntaxBomb is a fast retro inspired plat-former with 40 devious levels, numerous enemies and fruit galore to collect.

Dare you wait around for the Ghoul to be released?

Will you manage to clear the towers of enemies?

What will you do when the levels disappear?

Will you hum along to the original chip-synth music and 8-bit sounds?

Will you slip up on a banana skin, or float skyward on a bubble?

Both MacOS 64bit and Windows 64bit are fully supported.

Plays on any monitor even fullscreen - just click and drag to the size you require.

Keyboard and Joystick/control support with customisable controls.

Full high-score system and 3 completely brilliant difficulty levels.

Control both sound an music levels with a simple click...

Dare to drop as many bombs as possible and still get out alive. or wait until a bonus round?

Go on.... Play it!

Written for the SyntaxBomb Retro Game Competition:



syntaxv1.app.zip 3 MB
syntaxv1.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

Just download and run. everything should be fine.

PLEASE let me know if anything goes wrong or doesn't operate as you think it should. And i'll get onto it :)


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This is one of the best retro-themed arcade games I've seen on itch.io, really love the 80's feel to it. I was surprised at first that you can't jump, but after a few attempts I got used to it and I like how the levels are designed around not being able to jump. A 2-player mode would be good, but even without it this is a really well made and fun game. Great arcade-style presentation in the title screen too!

Thankyou for the kind words - it means a lot :)

Being a fan of bomb jack, bubble bobble this appealed. Very nice work!


Thankyou... :)

Welcome :)


will it work on Windows 10?


yep. fully tested for win10 :)


Is Linux support planned?


it's possible, but not currently. I know that wine supports it very well though.

Hi, my name is Ayhan. My youtube channel Indie Oyun Dunyasi's introduced.


We are a German game magazine for macOS and bring in the next issue a special about your cool game SyntaxBomb. www.macgamer.de

Excellent - thanks you for the article. If I can be of any help, let me know :)



Excellent job!  I'm definitely gonna play this game more than once!



Brilliant vlog - Really pleased you like it and enjoyed playing it. Let me know your thoughts and suggestions :)


Glad you liked it.

I'll let you know if I encounter anything broken in your game.

This is amazing :)

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Nice blend of Bubble Bobble, Bomberman, Bomb Jack, Hektik, Nebulus and a few others. You managed to pull of an interesting concept, without too many hick-ups. Very enjoyable. =)

Some really good comments. Great that you enjoyed it :)


I loved this game!!

This is a great little game. Well done, Adam.

Thanks - let me know if you have any thoughts or issues :)

this one looks cool

let me know how you get on :)


Here I made a video of me playing it, I don't talk but wanted to share here it go.

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let me know any suggestions you might have :)

So fun!! Loved the music, sfx, enemies, banana peel, and the guy in the corner. All together made a really fun game! Can't wait to see what you make next, keep up the fantastic work.


Greet to hear you liked all the sound and music. I worked hard to get it all working together as all the sounds used a brand new chip-synth system.

Good work

Thanks - Glad you enjoy playing it :)

Needs full screen.

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Full screen is fully supported on both platforms - just maximize the window, or draw the window to the size you want :)

Thanks.  I'm happy the game is larger when I maximize, but its still a window rather than full screen.

are you on MacOS or Windows?

@ Skid - What are your suggestions for making the joystick configure and menu issues simpler? I can try and resolve all and any issues :)

Hi Adam, I think you will need to reproduce the issue I was having with XBox 360 controller and Windows version in order to fix it. When you try and customize the joystick settings the user interface feels very broken as if you are using some kind of busy loop to wait for next input.

i'll have a look and see what I can do :)


@ crypticHybrid - Thanks for the video. I had great fun watching someone else play it, especially your different approach. And it was almost as good as playing it myself - I shouted at the screen a few times with you :) Excellent... Thankyou

Hey, I'm great to know I got you pumped watching. You've made a cool game. I made plenty of mistakes but also had a lot of fun. :) 

Cool game! 

I gave up trying to configure xbox controller on windows version to use DPad and A button so that was a bit frustrating.

<edit> OK managed to configure joystick second time but there is something buggy with the way you program the controls. 

Also the main menu timeout could reset on input so help screen does not appear when player is using main menu.

Cool game! 

super .. very good game 


Retro & fun, had a good time playing and recording. :) 

Thanks for that StevieG

Excellent effort !!

A very funny 1980's arcade style game. It has retro feel.