A downloadable game

Created for the 7 Day Dungeon Crawler:

100 years ago the Astoria sank.

Use you ROV to search the wreck for treasures and maybe more. or maybe more will find you !

You have limited battery and a light or scanner that will point out interesting items for you to look at.

P.S. don't bump into B.O.B.!

The Windows version is for Windows 7 - NOT WINDOWS 10

On MacOS - right click select open and agree or use the following terminal script:

xattr -d com.apple.quarantine sunken


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Any possibility of this getting updated for modern Windows? It looks really good.


yep. I'm working on an editor which should solve a number of the issues with windows :)

Great to hear! :)

this looks amazing, a very pro looking game

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On windows using the Itch.io desktop app,  it displays this error message when launching.


windows 10 bug - I'm looking into it...

Do you have a Window version of this game, I want to try it so bad !!

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Windows version is now available

This is great work, Adam. Well done.

Don't forget to add the "xattr -d com.apple.quarantine sunken" instruction for Mac users to be able to play the game Catalina+