A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A small Dungeon Crawler by AdamStrange.

You awake in a cell, with only your wits and the ability to bind souls (swap places) with monsters.

With a horrid hoard of beasties for company, can you find the 3 Soul Books that will end your torment? Find food and weapons. bind a few unwary souls and attempt fiendish puzzle solving through 3 strange new worlds...

But watch your step. Every time you move, costs your soul!

Built for the 2022 Dungeon Crawler Jam in 7 days using a custom written 3d engine created just for the jam!

2022 Jam

All code and models etc were created by me for the jam.

Think of this as the prototype. there is no sound, there are probably bugs and dead ends. but let's take this as far as it goes. Leave a comment for help and suggetions, thoughts etc.

Movement is by Arrow Keys or WASD plus <> to strafe left/right.

How far did YOU get...


  • map changes to prevent going outside map
  • stability fixes to prevent crashes :)


  • map2 end level ladder up missing <- fixed
  • osx sound activated
  • windows sound activated (might work, might not?)


soulbinderV102.app.zip 3 MB
SoulBinderWinV102.zip 3 MB

Development log


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That looks amazing.

:) Let me know how you get on with it. I am sure there are all sorts of things that need fixing and re balancing :