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Adam, I've recently come into possession of two functioning Muse Receptor 2+ Pro units. Any idea if this fantastic bit of stuff will run on the Muse platform?

hmmm. It's not something I've come across before. QB is general so give it a go and let me know how you get on?

Excellent job!  Has been the external source sampling issue already fixed in 1.31?  Thank you.

currently it's the same as previous. but a new version is coming ;)

Great news! Thank you for the good work.

How do you install the 119 update files?

the current version is 1.29. you just download the one for your os (marked with 129g). there is no install ;)

Hi thanks a lot for a great tool and all the hard work you put into this.
Is there any way we can help with the linux midi? This project is IMO more ideal for linux machines/PI perhaps than it is for windows, just my opinion. I would be fine using wine, however I noticed that the midi also didn't work for me.
Is there any version I should be using to get midi working on linux/wine? Thanks!

linux midi are known, but not yet properly addressed. the base system being used is PortMidi. Exactly what is not functioning ?

I am not getting any results from the midi scanning. Thanks!

thanks for that. I'll see what can be done ;)

Thanks! I can give you any info you need. Maybe I'm missing some lib, I installed lib-portmidi0. I'm having a usb midi device plugged in before opening Qb, in terminal the output is:

processCommand: midi on   midi    on SendCommandAction: midi | on midi<>on<><> on..midi Midi scanning:1 Midi scanning:-1  

Recently downloaded this, I love it! I've run into an issue with MIDI though - when I release a note after having triggered a new one, the sound will cut as if the 'note off' has been sent by the new note that was triggered. Interestingly this only happens with my MIDI keyboard. With keyboard emulation using my computer keyboard, this problem doesn't exist. I'd really appreciate some help, thanks!

mac, pc, linux?

Be aware that you are actually dealing with 16 mono voices. so you will get clipping of sounds.

To use multiple sound = polyphony, you need to

1.  pick and sound and get it right (PAGE 7)

2. use PAGE 3 VOICE to allocate the voice to multiple channels

3. Use PAGE 3 KEYBOARD to remap midi inputs


Thanks for the quick response! I'm on PC. Enabling polyphony does alleviate the problem, however this bug is making it hard to play mono voices. Let's say I just wanted to play a C then a D. I'll usually release C a few milliseconds after keying D, resulting in the note being cut off even though I'm still holding the D key down, resulting in a blip of sound. I have to make sure either the C key is fully released before pressing D, or hold down C for as long as I want the D to sound. Here's a video that will hopefully clarify. Thanks again!

PAGE 2 is just for previewing sounds from disk - it uses a slightly different sound setup. does the issue occur when you are NOT on PAGE 2?

Sorry, I was on Page 2 for brevity's sake. Yes, it occurs when the sound is loaded into a voice and played from Page R or anywhere else.

no problem I'll go into the code and see what can be done for you :)

I downloaded the 1.29g release weeks ago and everything was working really nicely until last night. The audio is now choppy on all loaded samples and Page R playback to the point of being unusable. I've rebooted the PC, disconnected and reconnected all audio and MIDI devices, but nothing has fixed. Any ideas? I was thinking of trying to download an earlier version of QB, but cannot find one.
If there's a fix for this, I'd really appreciate. I did donate, and have been absolutely loving using this wonderful old school system, especially given how much the Fairlight informed so many of my favourite albums in the 80s.

Have you installed any updates to windows, or changed anything on the system?

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Not knowingly, but then everything does auto updates these days eh. Should I try rolling back to a restore point?

my advice (with windows system) is to get it all working and then try to keep in that state. You can always pop over to the facebook page and question the users to see if they have better suggestions ;)

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Okay so, I made a song that sounds great (to me at least).  I wanna bounce my song down to a .wav file.  Is that possible?

If not, I'll just record to tape.


yep. PAGE 8 - sound sampling. you record from the INTERNAL.copy the result to a voice and then PAGE 2 save wa

ah..... so hypothetically, I could record my song on voices then use the other 8 voices to track out each instrument individually .... Thanks


yep, you can record and variation of voice you can think of - the added FX (reverb and echo) will also be recorded. You could do multiple versions and bounce to different spare tracks for other purposes too ;)


I can't sample properly from the external audio input. Recorded audio sounds choppy.

Playback of loaded samples or internally recorded sound works perfectly, though.

I am demoing the new 1.29g release, and the nphony seems to have been fixed- functioning properly, as reloading instruments I had saved seemed to go to monophony and get stuck there in 1.28. However there still seems to be an issue with using the Karma (arp) sequencing function on my Kronos as controller. I can use it to create sequences in QasarBeach, but I can't shut it off no matter what, and end up having to close QasarBeach to get it to disconnect.  If I set it to MIDI in the Midi Control page, it gets sound but only in monophony, and then the nphony page doesn't work.  I m using an HP Pavilion dv7 Notebook PC. Any thoughts?

hmmm that's an interesting one.

ok. lets try this:

1. Open QB, goto PAGE M (midi) and deselect everything then quit. the settings are saved on exit, so you have cleared them now

2. open QB goto PAGE M and select your midi stuff, with autostart and Midi on - so it will restart correctly. then quit. you now have new midi settings :)

3. QB does have an 'all notes off' command: PST or PSTOP. so when your Karma goes nuts. goto the command line enter PST and it should stop!

Let me know how you get on with this please - if it all works or doesn't :)

Nice work on this. I had some curiosity questions. For Linux do you use directly Alsa API or an higher API like openal (which would make it more portable) ? Thanks.

QB on Linux is a bit borked with the Midi not functioning - hence it is not up to date with the MacOS and Win version.

Internally it uses OpenAL and SDL2 with a custom sound-core sitting on top. The code base itself is virtually the same across all platforms ;)

Why did you remove the nphony? This makes the program virtually unusable for me. Are you planning on putting it back, or have you 'hidden' it in another location. I have looked around for it but was unable to find it.

Page 3, Voice

it was changed as this is where the IIx keeps it

Thank you, found it!

any chance a raspberry pi version will appear? (thanks in advance)

I was thinking about this. A fairlight IIx, in theory should be fairly easily emulated by a Raspberry PI and given that Qasarbeach essentially recreates the Fairlight IIx's behaviour, it should be certainly possible.

Hi Adam,

installed V1.26 on 2 different PC's, one exclusively reserved for Qasarbeach only, no other apps or programs installed. On both, Midi Keyboard doesn't seem to work anymore and can't switch between voices in Page R. Probably my bad, but wanted to share it anyway.

check the new PAGE O: Output mix and reset the faders - they are the new live master volume. Let me know if this works for you :)

Thanx, got it working. :)

Hi, thanks for this amazing tool! Any chance of the Linux version catching up to the Windows and Mac ones when 1.26 is released properly? It's two releases behind at the moment.

It's being worked on :)

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I would like to thank you for bringing the Fairlight CMI experience to those of us who can only afford to keep the utilities going, the rent paid, and our families fed. Truly, I am grateful.

I've been lusting for a real CMI IIx, but was discouraged by its current selling price, which can be likened to an older home or a brand new car with a very basic feature package. I have tried a demo of Arturia's CMI software, but even then, having multiple workstations would require multiple licenses, let alone the excessive resource usage on even the most powerful computers; it really bogged down my quad-core laptop, to the point where it was literally unusable. On the iPhone and iPad, there are a couple CMI apps that are available for $10 and $50, but for years they've been riddled with bugs that the developer has yet to fix.

I'm very happy to have found QasarBeach; I'm surprised I haven't found it sooner.

thank you for the kind words. there is a facebook page where you can find others to provide more support and help :)

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I have copied the files to the desktop on my HP Laptop, which is a few years old, and has a dual-core processor, running Windows 10 64-bit. The program opens fine, and all the functions appear to work, but when trying to save a sample made in the program to cv format, it mysteriously crashes the software. Also, I note that there is no 'quit' button. The Fairlight CMI had an OFF button, I'm assuming. Any plans to update w/ bug-fixes soon? I will attempt to run this again and see if I can save samples to other formats. This was a sample with loop points and polyphony enabled.

Re quit - just close the window :)

Please keep me informed if you can replicate a crash 

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I was able to save a looped sample in cv format, this time, so not sure what the issue was. Went out of the program and back in to check the cv file was still there, which it was. But the cv file apparently does not save polyphony and panning information. Is there going to be a fix for this in the future? Also one thing that would be VERY useful, is an 'undo' button for those of us who are a bit less technically gifted at programming code. My knowledge is pretty much limited to programming voices on hardware synths, particularly FM synthesis.

(it's .VC not CV). cmd+z will undo one step on most pages. polyphony is not part of a voice. a voice is a single voice. polyphony is many voices. save them as an instrument .IN. :)

My bad- I just started using the program and am not familiar with all the formats, or it could be that my old fat fingers don't type well on this little keyboard.  VC not CV, got it.  Thank you for making the distinction between an instrument and a single voice, that is very helpful. I will try that today and see if it works for me. There is an odd thing that the program does which is replicable, and that is when I go to add the voices to the slots 1-8, or A-H, it only brings the dialog up the first time I go into the screen. If I go out of the screen and back in to add more voices, I can't get the dialog to come up again. It says 'add', but no 1-8, A-H at the bottom of the screen. When I try to add another voice without that 1-8, A-H, it doesn't work. I end up having to quit the program and restart it to get that dialog back. Just letting you know. Thanks again!

I tried to install it on Windows10 64bit, but I can't install it even if I run qasarbeach.exe with administrator privileges. How do I install it on Windows 10?

it should run with no issues. The Facebook community may be able to help with this

Is it possible to say that the installation is completed with this operation?

In what folder is the program QasarBeach written, assuming the installation is complete?

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QB is 64 bit, and requires openGL. Do you have security software that might be blocking it?

Windows 10 is 64bit. No software blocks the operation of Open GL. I stopped the antivirus software and tried to install it, but the result was the same.

Open GL is Ver.4.3.0 because of GPU. We cannot support newer versions. Is it related to Open GL Ver.?
Since the GPU has a built-in CPU, it cannot be replaced with a GPU because it is a tablet.

It shouldn't have to 'install' anything, as it runs out of the folder that the files are in- I have no problem running it on my laptop with Windows 10 64-bit, however trying to save a sample causes the software to crash.

I've kept you waiting for a long time.
It is a report because it started normally.
Since the user name was Kanji, I changed it to English and tried to start it, but the status did not change and it failed to start.
After a while, I deleted all unused users to solve the SSD capacity shortage, so when I started it today, both v1.25 and v1.26 started normally and are working.

I am looking at a IIx "in the flesh" in Sydney as I write this (I should really fire it up) and I have to say WELL DONE MATE!

Did some work a few years ago on CMI30A with library archiving, user interface, and reverse-engineering of Page R and various other CMI file formats, so I have some vague idea what you went through to make this. Again, well done!

Perhaps in the future, you'd like to work on reading and importing actual Page R (and other CMI) files. This was ~10 years ago, but I know a bit about the file formats if you're interested.

High praise indeed :)

If you are on Facebook there is a usergroup devoted to QasarBeach. I can be reached there.

Any help is always very (very) welcome :)

Did you work with Graeme Renaud on the CMI30a?

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I had another job waiting, and I believe he showed up after I left so I didn't have much contact other than linkedin. I was around from the beginning until around the first NAMM showing or soon thereafter. Fond memories of supporting the thing remotely at the show, from Sydney, though!

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

keyboard scale function would be awesome too... dreaming of something like eleventh root of five :)

I'd love if it were possible to open Fairlight disk images directly in the future.

You just need to convert the image files with cmios9. That will allow you to directly transfer the IIx and III files to the desktop. From there you can access them :)

Please tell me I can get this working on the raspberry pi 4! I would really like the source code in order to build it myself. I'd for sure donate a good bit if I could have this running on the Pi.

currently no, but there is a pi version in the labs

work on only raspberry pi 4? or 3 too?



I would LOVE a Pi version because I could dedicate a pi4 as a "full time" Qasar machine. 

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This looks absolutely amazing - looking forward to trying it! I have briefly used the Series II but a Series III is my dream instrument and something that I've always wanted but could probably never afford or keep up with the maintenance costs (but if anyone has a spare one that they would like to send me, then I would happy to receive it and take good care of it!). One quick question that I'm not sure about about - can this be used as a plugin (AU or VST) in a DAW like Logic X or Live or is it purely standalone? If it is purely standalone, is there a easy(ish)way to route the audio or MIDI tracks into the DAW?

Sorry to sound rather new to all this but I have just got back into making music after a gap of about 25 years so I'm more familiar with hardware sequencers along with the Atari ST running Cubase ! and Hybrid Arts SMPTE Track so getting this Mac and leaning Logic & Live is a rather steep learning curve at the moment!

Thank you so much for developing this and good luck with the updates and future projects too.

PS - I'm sure that you're probably aware of this 30+ year old track but, with this software, I am in total agreement with the lyrics (especially the chorus!)


Brilliant find for the Shamen. I played the bugger out of this and haven't heard it in a while :)

QasarBeach is stand alone and wont integrate with outside DAWs or as a plugin.

Currently there isn't a way to sync or use MIDI to control it, but this is something I am now looking into. Particularly MIDI sync and potential control over MIDI. Let me know if there is anything you can think of that might help? :)

is there any kind of more sophisticated filter on the way? the present one looks more like shelving or something...

my dream is to use Behringer XR-18 as a multichannel interface (16 QasarBeach tracks to its mixer), on Linux. or maybe any other device to have all channels separately and mix them down in an analogue domain.

both of those are being looked into :)

I'm unable to enter number commands (for example, p1) using the azerty Magic Keyboard of my iMac (on Catalina 10.15.5). The only number that can be entered is 8, by pressing... °

This keyboard ( does not have a dedicated keypad. Are only keyboard with a keypad supported ?

Thanks for your help.  

(1 edit)

Sorry about that. Currently QasarBeach only supports US/Qwerty layout. I can look into adding support for you. There is a virtual number pad though. Go To Page S (settings) and enable NUMPAD:ON

All number based entry can then be done onscreen :)

Thanks a lot for your answer, I will try again with the onscreen keypad activated !

sometimes i hear nasty clicks in sound output, both on win and mac, is it a known problem?..

yes. I'm working on a fix :)

cool! can't wait :) btw, i'll probably get special pc for the QasarBeach, like in T M A 's great videos and my choice should be Linux i believe... can you make it work with ALSA directly, so i could use it without any Jack etc?..

I made a new video tutorial in german language

excellent work :) I really liked the use of MODE 2, and patching the controller in MODE 4

Glad you like it 😊

hi again ,found a glitch with filter in page 7, its behaving like a comb filter instead of a lowpass filter.

possibly. the filter is very primitive. I've not used any checking I did it all by listening to the results.

Hello Adam, about the problems some users reported in Qasarbeach crashing when setting LOOP CNTRL to "ON" on PAGE 7 ,and on PAGE E "SET LOOP" when viewing the start/end segment in(in "VIEW SEG: START END") i can confirm the following:

44100 hz 16 bit wav :

-start crashing in page E after setting loop point and when try to view the "END" segment with samples of +- 2 seconds (duration).

-crash at page 7 when set loop cntrl to "on" and pressing midi note ,and page E after setting loop point and when try to view the "END" segment  with samples of +- 3 seconds (duration).

8000 hz 16 bit wav:

-start crashing in page E after setting loop point and when try to view the "END" segment with samples of +- 10 seconds (duration).

-crash at page 7 when set loop cntrl to "on" and pressing midi note ,and page E after setting loop point and when try to view the "END" segment  with samples of +- 16 seconds (duration).

(i didn't test at 24 bit or other samplerates ,but im sure it will crash too since it seems to be related to sample size.)

windows 10, x64

I can confirm. I have the same issue with v 1.23 

all confirmed, a patch is being tested at the moment that will fix all the crash issues, it’s been sent for testing ;0

Hi Adam , i've tested the new version , it does not crash, but it messed up the "VIEW SEGMENT (START/END) in page E,doesnt display the current segment.

Deleted 170 days ago

I'll drop you an email tomorrow :)

Deleted 170 days ago

If there's anything you need just let me know :)

QasarBeach crashed and closed with any wav 16bit and other file types file in Page E Waveform Edit if I set a loop and drop the start or end button. With original VC no problem . Windows 10 64bit 

these are now on the list for immediate attention. I am very interested as the .vc files are fine and the .wav are causing an issue. I’ll report my finding and fixings 😢

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I experienced this same problem with the latest 1.25 update, and the problem was caused when attempting to save it to vc format.

Under Windows 10 If I load a sample wav in page 2, go into page 7 and turn on loop cntrl, then play a key, the software crashes. I've tested it on two machines.  There are some posts over in the facebook group with examples.

I am still unable to run this on linux mint. It is trying to scan midi ports for a fraction of a second but still not functioning. I think this must be something to do with my linux setup being different to yours. I'm running the latest 64bit linux mint. Not sure what other dependencies are needed. Also running in wine I am unable to reduce crackling any further. I think I may have to give up now

sorry to hear about the midi. I'm running linux as a virtual machine here, so testing has not been strictly on a linux machine.

Midi is still very primitive, it's the next item on my list :)

I am now running windows 10. I will test as per above crash reports and let you know if I have the same issues

Thanks for the awesome update. I have donated for it a second time!

No problem :) Just keep me informed with any issues :)

Thats a good Idea.👍

Short explanation of QasarBeach in German language only 

I would love to be able to slave external midi gear from the Page R as well as sync the page R with an external midi-clock.

Is such feature in project pipeline too ? :)

I found Page U 

What is it for? Could you please explain how it works?

Currently it's a hidden page as it's not ready for public use.

When finished it allows you to record operations and plat them back. E.G. record a set of changes to a waveform, and then repeat those operations on other waveforms, or PAGE R, etc

Wow, interesting. Thanks

This is the best download I've made in a while.  I've been WAITING for years to have an authentic Fairlight CMI IIx user experience and this truly gives that.  Almost got a chance to jam on one but I blew it.  I am going to try and see if I can use an iPad as a sidecar for my mac and get touch screen usability.  A couple questions: any chance there could be a note priority/legato off setting when using an external keyboard?  So when a new note is hit as another note is being held, it takes priority?  

Also very glad to hear there may be the possibility of some multichannel audio (and maybe midi?) routing.  At the moment, I know there is sync record within the sampling section, but could Midi Clock sync be an option?  Would allow to sync to external hardware and sequencers, and a good way of bouncing out tracks from Page R individually and in sync.  Anyway, thanks so much!

I can certainly look into the legato suggestion for you :)

(1 edit)

How do I run this on Linux?

Edit. I have installed 64bit linux mint and it now runs. However I am unable to use midi. The issue is that I cannot even enable midi within the program. Is this a bug or is the issue on my end? I click on the midi enable and nothing happens. If I click it too many times the program freezes up.

it's compiled on 64bit mint.

you will need opengl, openal and sdl2 installed as well :)

Thanks for that, however I still cant get midi working. You must have something on your system that I do not.

Midi is something that is still very primitive in QasarBeach. The next version will hopefully have better linux support :)

That's great. For now I have managed to get the windows version running in wine. There is a little latency and I still need to sort out some crackling in the audio but both of those are wine related issues and not specific to quasarbeach.

let me know how you get on, if there are any issues or stuff you can think of :)

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