A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

This is a small nifty picoCad 3d viewer.

PicoCad was created by Johan Peitz for use in Pico-8.Just open or drop your picocad .txt file (or renamed as .picocad) and view, rotate, scale your model.

There are lots of options to view your model in different ways:

  • wireframe
  • flat shaded
  • in build model colors
  • with and without texture
  • with and without lighting

The embedded texture will be shown and you also have the ability to save this as a png or load a different texture.

Huge thanks to Johan Peitz for allowing his submarine model to be used as the icon for PicoView.

Let me know how it works and any suggestions :)


PicoView1.0.zip 5 MB
picoview10.app.zip 5 MB

Install instructions

On MacOs. right-click and choose "Open". Do this again and it will open :)


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Fantastic release Adam.

Thanks Skid ;)