A downloadable action retro for Windows and macOS

2nd place winner of the SyntaxBomb 'One Button Jam'

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Step back to the 80's when vectors ruled the arcades with Neon Overdrive.

Pure adrenaline action with 10 original synthwave soudtracks, and the controls? Just one finger does it all! Either keyboard or mouse: a single press will instantly change your ships direction. Collect speedups, coins and shields. but avoid anything red... Red means slowdowns and damage. no shields and you are finished...

Fast and Furious finger twitchin action. go fast, go faster go totally NEON OVERDRIVE.

Featuring 6 different locations:

  • dayton flats
  • arctic frost
  • battle zoned
  • canyon driver
  • starbase 4
  • psycho space

With 3 different styles of game:

  • 'race' against other ships
  •  beat your best 'time'
  • just 'chill' to the ride and music

And 3 levels of insane difficulty. there is something here for everyone who marvels at vector 3d.

No GPU was harmed during this game - what you see is all custom written CPU code, and what you hear is custom written realtime synth sounds and audio goodness!

Beat your hiscore, beat you friend's hiscore, get granny to play. its just one finger what are you waiting for?

NEON OVERDRIVE. The fastest 3d vectors this side of the Big One...


neon.app.zip 20 MB
neonoverdrive.zip 22 MB


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Loved it! It plays awesome, the vector gfx and soundtrack did the rest for me. Nice one!

excellent \o/ really happy you enjoyed the soundtrack...

That's a damn fine looking game.  Love the gf/x style of it.

thanks for saying that. It took a lot of work to get it to look right :)