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One big thing I'd want changed/added is the undo ability. As it is ctrl+z doesn't undo, while clicking the undo button seems to just decrease the opacity of the last pixel placed a few times and then stops working altogether.

I really love this tool but having to select the transparent colour and manually undo is very cumbersome.


um why isnt download working for me?

i think its beacuase im using a OS but still can anyone help

what os are you using?

On the import menu, i can navigate and select the .png but can't seem to import it? is it missing the button or is there a key i have to press to import the png image?  Thanks.

No problem.

FontSprite supports png files with a certain name format.

The format is as follows:


so a font with the name hello and a pixel size of 10 x 12 per character would be


There are a number of default fonts to play with in the fonts folder

Let me know how you get on, or any other questions you need help with :)

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that's fine, just unsure how to load it as the current sprite font set. I see no 'open' or any other button  - Nevermind, just reread what you wrote. It works

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i save myfont32x16.png   (256x128,   8x8 fonts).  Importing it creats a 16x8. Try to edit it and it crashes. Also tried 8x8 fonts - myfont8x8.png and it crashes trying to edit it.  **UPDATE crashing is due to i was exporting as Grayscale instead of RGB.

brilliant that you got it working, and the information about the greyscale crash is great to hear - I can work on a fix for that for you. I can also look at supporting direct name png which will internally convert to the correct sizes.

I'll keep you posted :)

What happened to rameses?

It's still around, but a bit long in the tooth.

Both assets for 'BloodCrypt' and 'SacredLands' were created with it.

Currently it needs to be completely updated (rewritten), but I have some OpenGL issues this end, so decided to pull it completely.

Are you interested or need access to Rameses?

I'll just wait for the update if it needs a rewrite.

Is it possible to change the resolution ?

what are you looking for?

There is a new version I am working on which allows you to create char resolutions up to 64x64. is this the sort of things?

Maybe. more like 128x512 or 512x512 with 16x16 or 64x64 chars

yes and no. The resolution is fixed at 16x16 = 256 chars.

but... You can use multiple chars - just click and drag to do this. you can then use bigger chars that way.

I am working on a 'new' screen which will allow you to make different pixel sizes:


should be ready in the next few days. I'll let you know :)

Brand new version upped and ready for you to play with :)

Why do you always blow my mind!?


LOL. What a great comment. Let me know if you do something cool or thing of any way to improve things for you :)

<3  Awesome updates

Is it possible to export a .ttf or similar from this?

it currently only exports .png as that is the main use for games. but you can easily convert to tiff using an image editor. what other formats were you thinking of?

I didn't have a specific "other" format in min, but I'll find a way to get it to tff. This tool is still sweet.


Linux build now added along with new tools :)

I would like to see a line and rectangle/oval tool,  and an undo feature.  Thanks again..

There is an undo Cmd+Z - just not an undo button - I'll get onto that for you.

I'll also look into adding some more drawing tools :)

Would recommend right-click to clear the color (or apply a background color including the black erase color)

rightclick brings up the context menu with black/erase color, current color variations and paint/draw/pick options

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crashes when i closed/reopened and tried to reload the altered _font.png file i saved.

ok I loaded in an older font I had saved it and didn't crash, then i loaded in the newer font png I saved and it didnt crash.  Weird.


Would you consider a port of your editor for Linux..?


+1 for Linux


it's being looked at ;)

Cool..! :)


Linux build now added

Yay! Great News..! I recomend you to post this release in /r/gamedev. Thank you for the effort. :)

Sorry I don't work with android.

Android port XD?



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Would you consider making a version of this for Android?

Great tool, does exactly what it says it does.

let me know how you get on and what you've done with it ;)