A downloadable level editor, graphics for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Create multiple maps, each with it's own resolution up to 128x128 cells.

Use color palettes to instantly change how the map are rendered.

Create a bitmap font with the FontSprite application. it will automatically be updated  as you work. Keep both open for instant updated without reloading files.

Comes complete with full file details so you can add it to your own project.

Includes Readme.txt with Monkey2 source code (a variant of basic). This is very simple to understand.

Efficient tile editing select more than one character and stamp it onto the map.

Paint and select just the color portion of a map.

Type with text.

Select an area, and drag/copy it many times.

Supports square, offset and isometric and hexagonal maps.

Use multiple fonts and palettes.

Each layer has its' own resolution.

Cut/Copy/Paste entire layers.

Use different colors (from the palette) to draw the selected character with. Ascii Drawing, but use it with a map level to make different coloured areas with one single graphic!

V1.06 - May 2018

  • first linux build
  • bug fixes

File Format:

- header -
(4 bytes) int = -9999

(4 bytes) int = number of layers

- layer data -
(4 bytes) int = width of layer (0 aligned)

(4 bytes) int = height of layer (0 aligned)

starting from top left, data is read down the height, then across to the next x cell and continues down until all data is read

- cell data -
(2 bytes) short = map character (referencing the character font)

(2 bytes) short = color reference (referencing the color palette)


FontMapApp106.zip 3 MB
FontMapWin106.zip 5 MB
fontmaplinux1.106.tar.gz 3 MB

Install instructions

Download and click the exe or .app to run.

Free Palettes and fonts for you to test are included as well as a short demo file

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