A downloadable tool for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ColorTagz is a fun color palette/theme app, that allows you to create color palettes from images.

Just open an image or drop one from your desktop and pick the colors.

You can copy and paste color and Tagz and save the results.

There is also two export options that allow you to export the current image along with the current ColorTag or Tagz list!

Help is always present with a live help box giving more details about what the mouse is over and how a function operates.

Linux version is now available.

Code is supplied (in monkey2 basic text file) to load the color tags. the file format is:


UInt:count 0..255



datablock * count of

Ubyte:red 0..255

Ubyte:green 0..255

Ubyte:blue 0..255

Let me know your thoughts or any problems :)


ColorTagz101app.zip 3 MB
ColorTagz101Win.zip 5 MB
ColorTagz101lnx.tar.gz 3 MB

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