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I played Bloom for my Indie Game Showcase and I loved it. The game reminded me of the games I played on the Atari when I was a kid. I thought it was cool that it offered three modes, Arcade, NES, and Atari. The game is really fun and I recommend it.

That's really great - thank you :)

Hopefully there will be something new for you to play at the end of March...

Great job again, Adam. I don't remember this game at all but it was fun having a crack at the game anyway.

You've got some kind of bug with the title screen selection of levels, options and exit game buttons. Using the cursors to navigate won't let you select exit. You're able to select options but Space to activate doesn't work on the button. Exit isn't available to navigate to at all. Using mouse and clicking does work ok.

Also noted flickering in the arcade version when mouse going up the ladder with a flower but possibly that's meant to do that? Got mouse stuck at the top of the ladder as well due to some glitch but doesn't happen all the time. The worst kind of bug.

Hope you get some good comments for your work.

brilliant for finding those. I’ll get on to it and fix the exit navigation issue and th rest...

Bloom was never a real game, so don’t beat yourself up at not remembering it. But the core concept of the falling blocks goes back to a Commodore PET game I used to play...

Hi Xerra. Once again thanks for the bug hunting.

New update 1.02 addresses the keyboard issues and hopefully the getting stuck on ladders.

Question about the getting stuck. were you on the top level or the middle level, or both when it happened?

Definitely top level of a ladder when it happened. I'll try new version and see if it does still happen.