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This is the next version of QasarBeach. Called Alias as it uses it's new audio engine to not hide any aliasing or sound errors. This is in keeping with the original 8bit and later 16bit sound techniques developed at Fairlight.

This is currently a work in progress but is being shared so people can feedback any bugs/suggestions, etc during the dev process.

The core concept was to envision what Fairlight might have done if a CMI IV was produced.

Library 10 (19th December 2022)

This is the core Alias Library giving user a good overview of what each voice architecture. 

Ver 0.16.7 (18th December 2022)

  • fixed sample loading where fx systems were not destroyed correctly
  • base waves brought into TIA archtecture
  • fixed RESonance so it doesn't click when fast changing it
  • ASYN wavefrom correctly updated in GUI
  • Peak Vol and Vol added to modifiers
  • added function attack and decay parameters
  • extended and debugged new file format
  • added function track playhead and function out playhead
  • re-engineered envelopes to have a separate playhead system
  • envelope retriggereng added
  • new tracking code for sequences. time, etc used for triggering envelopes
  • new load/save to support function attack/decay and envelope triggers
  • sequences now have dissable/enable ability per step
  • SAMP now has triggers for each sample
  • updated load and save for in2 format
  • fixed seq dissable not working for value of 0
  • added octave buttons To subvoice ui
  • SAMP now responds to seq triggering different SAMPLESTART valuesfrom seq!
  • sample voice selector now quits on Escape or clicking outside of dialog
  • voice patch selector now quits on Escape or clicking outside of dialog
  • sample voice selector now quits on click on other control
  • voice patch selector now quits on click on other control
  • main FX controls added to FX view
  • main voice view - FX moved to beginning of controls so that it matches with FX view
  • corrected shift/function help text
  • added compressor function to shift/function preset buttons
  • SHIFT now doesn't toggle when key pressed. is only active when held down
  • Ctrl+ Up/Down now increment and decrement voice patch
  • Command+ Up/Down when ASYN is being used will increment/decrement the current frame
  • Command+ Left/Right whill goto previous/next fader in the UI
  • StepSeq removed 'Q' button - now back to show/hide voice patches
  • redesigned FX ui so that the lines now denote the FX connection
  • envelopes are now unique - previoulsy they were linked via a single playhead!
  • ESC+X now send stop to all voices
  • CONTROL page now has single undo - CMD+Z
  • sample edit now has single undo - CMD+Z
  • CONTROL page now copy paste for voice patches - CMD+C / CMD+V
  • audio core auto note cutoff shortend
  • internal audio core edits to allow internal/programmable interactions
  • control page - left right to select voice architecture now changed to ctrl + left/right

Ver 0.15(MacOS) (20th November 2022)

  • New FM architecture
  • ASYN architecture gets added frames of harmonic data plus other upgrades
  • 4 new realtime programmable/patchable Envelopes per voice
  • UI updates throughout
  • ALT is now used to select pages
  • bug fixes

Ver 0.12 (MacOS)

  • Fixed loading of saved files where loop points would not be read
  • autoloop added to PAGE 3 loop points
  • Bug fixes with Trim and Copy PAGE 3
  • Bug fix to PAGE 3 sample playback when using loops

Ver 0.9 (MacOS)

  • new save routines
  • initial test files added
  • added WAVE architecture for ppg wavetable style
  • more bug fixes across audio core
  • MD3 renamed as SAMP

Ver 0.6a (MacOS)

  • updated audiocore to prevent choppy audio
  • Also available as an apple silicon release!

Ver 0.6

This brings lots of advances including:

  •  full sound file access and support
  • program start sound source selection
  • updated md3 (mode 3) sound architecture where you can reference 2 loaded samples into a unified single sound
  • initial polyhony support
  • plus 3 other sound sources including ASyn which is an advanced additive realtime synthesiser
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
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qb-alias0167.app.zip 1 MB
Alias0167.zip 2 MB
Alias-Library-10.zip 2 MB

Install instructions

2 mac versions: 0.6 (for intel machines) and silicon 0.6 (for newer M series)

Single Windows version for Windows 7 onwards.

Let me know the os version and machine spec if encountering issues ;)


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Excellent... but please, first fix all the drawbacks of the original Qasarbeach!!! (especially a decent input/output support, VST/AU and a good graphic engine that do not create so many artifacts in some screen resolutions).

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Great work here with both FL emu's!  A few questions if I may...

Does this alias emu have separate audio outs for the voices in the mixer section ?

Can alias use the same full original fairlight sample library as the CMI IIx emu (qasarbeach)?

Is there an alternate opening logo page that sports the original Fairlight logo?

What are the MAIN differences between alias and qasarbeach?

1. no - just the same single output

2. yes - it uses the exact import routines

3. currently not at this time

4. it is a completely different sound core, built for speed, synthesis and enhanced effects

So, if I were to feed alias with some 21K  .VC  Fairlight samples would I still be getting loop glitchy audio?

alias uses different loop settings. much more like the series III.

You load a sound and then go to SAMPLE EDIT to set the loop and end x-fade

Deleted 167 days ago

I looks like there is something missing from your system. Please be aware that this is pre release.

That's why I waited to report , but since it's done this from the 1st release ( I've downloaded a few ) I figure It might be beneficial to report in . Not sure hat you mean by something missing ?  FYI your other App Quasar Beach runs just fine here .

The other version is compiled on a different machine with backwards compatibility. This is the dev version and not compiled yet for backwards compatibility - this will be done next :) But good call \o/