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This is the next version of QasarBeach. Called Alias as it uses it's new audio engine to not hide any aliasing or sound errors. This is in keeping with the original 8bit sound techniques developed at Fairlight.

This is currently a work in progress but is being shared so people can feedback any bugs/suggestions, etc during the dev process.

The core concept was to envision what Fairlight might have done if a CMI IV was produced.

Ver 0.9 (MacOS)

  • new save routines
  • initial test files added
  • added WAVE architecture for ppg wavetable style
  • more bug fixes across audio core
  • MD3 renamed as SAMP

Ver 0.6a (MacOS)

  • updated audiocore to prevent choppy audio
  • Also available as an apple silicon release!

Ver 0.6

This brings lots of advances including:

  •  full sound file access and support
  • program start sound source selection
  • updated md3 (mode 3) sound architecture where you can reference 2 loaded samples into a unified single sound
  • initial polyhony support
  • plus 3 other sound sources including ASyn which is an advanced additive realtime synthesiser
Updated 2 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS

Install instructions

2 mac versions: 0.6 (for intel machines) and silicon 0.6 (for newer M series)

Single Windows version for Windows 7 onwards.

Let me know the os version and machine spec if encountering issues ;)


QBAlias06.zip 1 MB
alias.zip 1 MB

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