A downloadable strategy realtime for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Written in 6 weeks to conform to 'retro' + 'strategy' SyntaxBomb competition:

SyntaxBomb Competition

Winner: Most complete / original game

SacredLands is a fast retro inspired strategy game with 3 fiendish levels of difficulty spread over many different islands.

First Take 'Zarch/Virus', add some 'The Sentinel', and liberally sprinkle with Defender.  Mix for 6 weeks and you have SacredLands!


The ship (like Zarch and Virus) will need to be tamed.

There is a full flight tutorial but here are some tips:

  • nothing is strictly binary (on/off), power drift, roll, etc are based on curves, the longer you do something the more it happens
  • To hover, you will need to find the sweet spot and stop using power and just hit it occasionally to keep you sort of bouncing...
  • the same with left/right. you can only turn in flight (power or not) but it is cumulative. You are not really turning, but rolling left or right
  • forward and back will ONLY work when power is on.
  • The ship also points down as you go forward (that is what going forward is doing). and as you are pointing down, applying power will also go in the down direction too.
  • Similarly going backward angles the ship toward you with the nose pointing up, so the ship will also rise when going backwards.
  • Now for the real inside tip. The power trees are the main key, with the trees being secondary. lazers are used in reserve as they take up too much power. but do they...
  • sometimes flying might not be the best option...

What will you do?

Dare you wait around for the Juggernaut to be arrive?

Will you manage to clear the space mites that just hatched?

What will you do when your trees have gone?

Will you power up your Lazers or plant Power Trees to get rid of pesky predators?

MacOS 64bit, Windows 64bit and (Now) Linux64bit are fully supported.

Plays on any monitor even fullscreen - just click and drag to the size you require.

Keyboard control support with customisable controls.

Go on.... Play it!


lots of minor bugfixes

added the current location of the rings to the grid display

fullscreen mode is now standardised across Windows/Linux platforms with correct resizing and saving.

Tutorial mode has been fixed - there were bugs that caused constant ship explosions.

Tutorial mode text has been changed to make it obvious which keys do what and how rings/horns operate

Tutorial mode bug fix to prevent 'next' tip/help from not advancing

Internal key scanning code changed to make it work the same across platforms

land height detection modified to prevent the ship from exploding when close but not actually hit.

difficulty slightly changed so that easy and medium give a little more fuel to make it not quite as brutal


removed some debug code

shaders updated to prevent crash

Windows version updated to support Windows 7/8

Install instructions

Just download and run. everything should be fine.

PLEASE let me know if anything goes wrong or doesn't operate as you think it should. And i'll get onto it :)


SacredLandsLNX1.0.tar.gz 15 MB
SacredLands.zip 18 MB
sacred3d.app.zip 15 MB

Development log


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lovely design, I played a lot of virus so missing the analog controls big time

how would you see analog controls being introduced?

(1 edit)

I suspect Virus mouse controls would need extensive study and not something to be attempted lightly,

Do you own a PS or Xbox controller? Step 1 for me would be to imagine analog shoulder control would allow you fine thrust control (you could more easily learn required thrust for hover etc.), an optional linear to exponential conversion may also be warranted.

Until thrust perfected I would keep  steering digital muxing both sticks (with smallish dead zone) and the dpad avoiding user configuration requirement.

Excellent game, Adam. You've outdone yourself. Well done.

thanks for that one xerra. This was definitely a code-love-in :)

Very interesting and cool flying-shooting game. The visual style, including fonts and maybe the idea too definitely gives off some old game vibes, very stylish nonetheless. I found the tutorial a bit difficult to pass, but the gameplay itself seems to work well and as mentioned, it's very interesting.

I'd like to invite you to take part in our yearly contest, the Game Development World Championship!

excellent - What are the details?

Well, it's a contest for finding out the best indie games from each year, with entries open for everyone until October. There are two main categories (Pro and Hobby) and also optional special categories, like one for "jam" games, for example. The final decisions are made by a jury, but some games are also picked for a public vote each week or so. Here's the site: www.thegdwc.com.

OK. Thanks for that I've just entered and will watch what happens :)

Good luck then!