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Rameses is a custom 3D object builder for very low poly objects.

The basic concept is small 3d objects or shapes, which can be manipulated at vertex level.

Objects can be edited at vertex, face, object level with ease. both in the front/side/top views and 3d view.

Objects can then be Grouped into more complex objects which can have animation applied.

Soft selection (where a vertex is selected and nearby vertexes are also selected at a different level) is fully supported, allowing for increasingly complex manipulations.

There is a full plant system where objects can be 'grown' along with animation.

A Type tool allows you to create custom alphabets from 3d objects.

And a particle system is also present.

Initial skeleton primitives are being added, but currently are not usable.

Full control over texture, UV, color, material is also available.

The UI is completely custom written and is page based - you can switch pages without altering any setting at will.

Loading and saving is supported, but saving is only available to a custom format. (this is an internal tool)

Voxels are also supported along with the ability to collapse voxel models into a true 3d model.

No help is provided, but the UI is context sensitive and will prompt you with help in the status bar at the bottom

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Published287 days ago
Tags3d-editor, tool

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file. it can then be dragged onto the desktop or put in the application folder and run.


Rameses.app.zip (2 MB)


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yep OSX only i'm afraid. my bad. I've edited the page so the apple logo is present.

Nice and all, but what's not written here: the tool is Mac only.