A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Created in 5 (very long) days for GeoJam 2021

GeoSwitch is an 80's inspired retro arcade shoot-em-up.

You can switch between 'Geo' and 'The Ship'. both have different abilities and can go different places. But you will have to be both to clear a level!

Find the Keycards, Kill Kontrol, avoid the Sentinels and if it moves - kill it!

Collect the power ups, the bonus and the weapon upgrade.

It takes a special player to beat Granny.  Is that YOU?

V 1.02 Update

This fixes some bugs and slightly rebalances things to make it less brutal. there are no additions or core gameplay changes - let me know of any new bugs/thoughts/etc :)

  •  slowed down sentinels
  •  fixed power pickup not adding power
  •  fixed 'evil' map
  •  increased overall view slightly
  •  fixed title
  •  new icon

Install instructions

Download for both MacOS and Windows.

No need to install, it should just run.

if you hit quarantine issues with MacOS. Do the following:

Unpack the  zip file. Use finder to move "Axonite.app" to your Applications folder. Do NOT start the game yet, or it will be quarantined! Open terminal and copy/paste the line below then press enter: sudo xattr -r -d com.apple.quarantine "/Applications/Axonite.app"

On MacOS, to bypass the security check you only need to launch the game the first time by Right clicking and picking "Open", instead of double clicking. The "Open" button only shows up if you right click.

But let me know if you have an issues and I'll get onto it...


geoswitch102.app.zip 3 MB
GeoSwitch102.zip 6 MB