A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The galaxy has a BIG problem: It's a period of civil war and Droid Wrangler and main CPU El Fandango has been acting badly.

And the droids are revolting...

They have taken over the outer systems and you have been tasked to clear them and retrieve the 3 data cores from the 3 deep space stations.

You must travel the systems defeating the rogue droids But BEWARE... They will not go silently!

Created for the SyntaxBomb REBOOT competition:


SyntaxBomb 3rd Place Winner

Featuring a host of barmy droids, some nasty surprises and some sweet QasarBeach soundscapes.

This is going to take nerve, strategy and some serious ship upgrading, so get your mice twitchin for some madcap planet bitchin...

The original GenusPrim can be found here :)


Ver 1.01 (12 may 2020)

  • general fix release
  • shaders fixed droids are more colorful
  • text boxes have correct punctuation
  • planet info corrected
  • linux crash with shipyard fixed

Ver 1.02 (18 May 2020)

  • minor bug fixes
  • static sound not ending fixed and also replaced, to correct crackles
  • right click sending ships/reducing ship numbers fixed
  • changes to 3d models for better blacks
  • 'pink' information screen bug fixed
  • NO gameplay change

potential MacOS screen resize issues are known for retina Macs

Install instructions

Fully tested on Macos, Linux and Windows 10 (64bit) - let me know if you have any issues

Download and run.

MacOs Catalina will need to allow apps from anywhere is settings/security and deny keystroke dialog.

Also you might need to open terminal and type the following:

chmod +x genusprime.app/Contents/MacOS/*


GenusPrime102.app.zip 17 MB
GenusPrime102.zip 18 MB
GenusPrime102.tar.gz 16 MB

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